Ginger Bread Man

December 12, 2019

I’ve always liked to have fun with my Holiday cards, usually crafting a visual for an untraditional pun. The concept for the “Ginger Bread Man” has been with me for many years, but finding the right person to play the character I had imagined- became one of my most lengthy casting projects. I reached out to a good friend and one of the best producers in Seattle to help out with a variety of ideas I’d like to create, when I mentioned looking for a Northwest looking, bearded, strong red head- she perked up with just the right person in mind. I kept the styling simple- letting the portrait speak the pun, acquiring a rustic apron, plain clothing and day old baguettes from my local grocer, which then became Thanksgiving stuffing.

 Day of the shoot, we learned more about our Bread Man- although a fan of the carb - he has never sold bread, but has served our community through a variety of ways from swim coach to bus driver. He allowed us to throw flour over his work boots and in his face- and had fun playing around with the character of the Ginger Bread Man.

 My family card served as another opportunity for a visualized pun. With a reluctant yet cooperative dog, and a child whose school uniform is fisherman Grundens- it seemed perfect to share the city we call home with our family and friends- and make a composition of the real Seattle “Rain”Deer.  

Rittenmyer Family Holiday card 2019