Happy New (Blue) Year

December 29, 2017

Politics have always played into my conceptualizing, but never as much as in 2017. I personally have not been heavily affected by the current social and political situations, I just think the amount of information that all of us are surrounded by is influenced by politics and social reform.

The Happy Blue Year concept was born with the idea of changing the word “new” to “blue” and making a punny title “Happy Blue Year”. To me, the idea of blue had two different meanings. First, to describe the sadness which was felt by many people in 2017, and second, to signify the hope that the “blue party” would be fighting back in 2018. The model had to be a young professional woman standing strong in her beliefs and her desire for social change. But I also went with a bright and fun style and lighting setup to reflect my wish that the next year be strong, inspired and jubilant. Wishing you all a Happy 2018!