July 11, 2019

For my first spring break as a parent, I decided that the best way to spend a week off was to take my kiddo for a few days of late-season skiing in Whistler.  As a justification to go, I dug through some of the concepts in my notes and found “Snowga”- an idea to take scenic snowscapes and incorporate yoga poses. My lovely wife played along as I stopped at different vistas and stood in as a yoga model while layered in a snowsuit.  After returning home, looking through, and sitting on the images for a few months, I used my lovely wife again and created a test composite. Maybe it was a bad idea, maybe I was just sick of snow, or maybe I didn’t do a good job capturing what I wanted-but the idea and concept stopped with that test.  Some ideas turn into series, others a single blog post- but I’m always glad to see ideas go beyond the initial notepad. This blog post included a bonus trip in the snow with my snowboard before the spring bloomed through.