Summer Nineteen Part 2

September 16, 2019

As per the norm, the second half of summer was real busy with client work.  I photographed two new shows, the latest Disney on Ice and the new Jurassic World Live Tour. The jobs were back to back, took me to 3 cities, and included 42 days on the road in August and September.  Contrary to the princesses on ice, photographing life size dinosaurs had its challenges, and as much as I want to talk about how difficult it was to shoot, I just can’t.  Watching the Jurassic production from concept to premiere over the last year and half and seeing what this team pulled off was incredible. My 4-year old had the honor of attending one of the friends and family shows a few weeks before the premier, and his enjoyment showed me that bringing dinosaurs from the silver screen into an arena wasn’t such a crazy idea after all.  It was a long and exhausting couple months, yet I was able to find a few rare moments away from rehearsals and setups to take some images for myself.