Super Humans of Marvel Live

September 27, 2017

Earlier this summer I traveled to New Orleans to continue photographing unique content for the new Marvel Universe Live show. The routines and acrobatics of the performers in the show are simply amazing. On the last day of the shoot, we needed some portraits to capture the strength and talent of the athletes in the show. I didn’t have much time and needed to utilize what was on hand from earlier shoots. Knowing that I would need to shoot wider to capture the movement of the performers I decided to create a very large set. I hung a couple 12’x12’ solid backgrounds, put up 4 Profoto monolights with grid spots and gels and created essentially a 50’x50 background to work with. Placing key light’s on the sides with a couple large softboxes and a fill from the front with a giant shiny parabolic and this is what was created. You can see more from this series here. If you’re a Marvel fan or just someone who enjoys live entertainment, I would recommend seeing if the tour comes near you.