Valley of Fire

December 20, 2019

In need of a subject, I traveled down to Las Vegas for a day to create something.  I usually plan and produce my trips around the photos I want to take, but this time I just let nature takes its course.  I decided not to think about what my subject might be until I got on the plane. 

After landing in Vegas, and renting a car, I found myself heading north on Interstate 15.  I stopped at a truck stop for a house-smoked pastrami sandwich and some of the best coleslaw I’ve had and then continued north in search of a subject.  The day was cool, the sky, gray and overcast, a juxtaposition to the landscape in Valley of Fire State Park, and there I found it. With just a few hours to spend in the park, I decided to pull over in places with few or no cars and just gaze out on the view in front of me.  A couple times, I’d wander away from the park’s designated composition in search of something that drew my eye, and a car of fellow tourists would pull over to see what I was photographing. I found it amusing to see them search for some epic landscape and confused at what I could possibly be photographing besides a random rock. 

A couple of these photos are taken from the sunroof while driving, something I have enjoyed doing for 20 years.