Wild Child Project

June 19, 2018

Back in April, I shared a story and some photos from a family camping and personal project expedition. After a couple of months of pondering the background photos and concept, I’m finally sharing the outcome. I decided to let my 2-year-old style the shoot and for the most part direct it. He wanted to wear shorts and no shirt or shoes, just like he does every day. He wanted feathers, because he’s into birds, and according to him the feathers in his headband are that of a “Cactus Wren” and “Emu.” And of course, everything had to be red, his favorite color. 

I created a large set with matching light and had him run through it as he would if he was outside for some scenes. I’d ask him to imagine there were lights or rainbow, or pterodactyls in the sky to capture his expressions.

I added a light flare to all the images representing the light, something I am both literally and figuratively chasing. The rainbow was digitally created, and the very bright light trace was from a night shuttle launch I photographed years ago.