Wild Child

Wild Child is a conceptual photography project of a boy and his wolf brother running wild through an imaginative world filled with adventure and wonder. Ryatt, a 2-year-old with endless imagination and Buksnort, his free-spirited miniature wolf are on a journey chasing the lights of the landscape.

Is one enough? Since becoming a father, I have been besieged by the world telling me that I have to have a second child. Complete strangers will let me be known that it is unfair not to give him a sibling. This made me think, what if he never has a sibling and his only partner is our pet dog. If my son and dog were turned loose to run wild on the landscape, what would they do? Wear nothing but dirty shorts, create accessories decorated with the feather of a cactus wren, and run wild, naturally. It’s not easy to get into the mind of a 2-year-old (or a dog), so I decided to project my vision into the story. Being a photographer, I am always chasing the light across new and fantastic landscapes. This storyline may be a want for my son to follow me in my life decision, or maybe it’s the idea that an only child would be infinitely lost in this world.